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Kostas Restaurant and Bar

We offer a wide range of really high-quality food that you will absolutely love. We offer greek cuisine and classic American cuisine as well. It is a wonderfully family-friendly restaurant.

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Greek Cuisine and Classic American Family-Friendly Restaurant

Located at 429 Wilson Street in Brewer, is the area’s newest premiere Greek Cuisine and Classic American family-friendly restaurant. Beautifully appointed, the comfortable and casual atmosphere beckons you in for a great evening of dining.


Bar Restaurants

We offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and, we offer some really amazing finger food as well.


Dining Experiences

Your dining experience will be wonderful because we offer a really good ambience and amazing music to go along with your experience.


Bar Cum Restaurant

When you walk into our establishment you can access our bar for your favourite drinks and, we also offer all kinds of food because we have a fully functioning restaurant as well.

Kosta’s Offers the Complete Dining Experience

If you want a wonderful dining experience, you should dine with us. We have had thousands of happy customers who actually frequent our establishments.

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