Restaurant Trends and Innovations


The way people order at restaurants has changed dramatically over the years, and as the trends continue to change, new restaurant industry trends emerge. Many changes take place in restaurants, such as the integration of online ordering and mobile payment systems, but some trends are here to stay. In fact, some of the most popular and successful restaurants around the world are following these trends.

Restaurant Trends and Innovations

Here Are Some Popular Restaurant Trends

Mobile Phones

With more people living in apartments and commuting to work, the number of people who rely on their mobile phones to order from the grocery store or coffee shop has risen sharply. As this trend continues to grow, one of the restaurant industry trends focusing on mobile technology is mobile ordering. Some restaurants have even adopted mobile payment systems, which allow customers to pay through their mobile phone’s tap dialing feature. Other restaurants have installed electronic scanners on their tables to take orders by bar code. Both of these systems are part of the restaurant industry trends.

Social Distancing

It’s amazing how much time people spend in front of their computer. While it’s convenient and saves energy, we’ve all become way too reliant on technology trends to provide us with a social distancing from the real world. It’s an important part of restaurant trends to think about social distancing when designing menus and clientele lists. With today’s emphasis on technology, customers may not be willing to wait for long periods in line due to their reliance on technology.

Social Media

The restaurant industry has found itself increasingly attuned to the social media aspect of the web. Restaurant menus are frequently shared via social media, which can lead to people quickly comparing prices and food items of different restaurants in a matter of few minutes. This trend doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon. While it may not seem like a major issue at this point, it will likely become a significant issue as restaurants, and their menus become more reliant on the internet.

Hand Sanitizer Systems

Finally, one of the most recent trends involving service trends has been revolving around hand sanitizers. Many restaurants have gone completely digital and have no longer needed to maintain an employee sanitized counter. In fact, some business owners have even gone so far as to have sanitizing hand sinks installed in every bathroom in the building. While sanitizing countertops may be a good thing in terms of service trends, they can also pose a health issue for employees. Therefore, many business owners are looking to reduce the liability of potential employee accidents by simply investing in automatic hand sanitizer dispensers that they can keep in every location.

Restaurant Trends and Innovations

In Conclusion

Many restaurant owners have turned to smartphone applications to manage menu, billing and other business-related issues. However, with the rise of smartphone applications in general, it is becoming increasingly difficult for restaurants to make their Point of Sale systems as appealing to customers as possible.

While customer interaction is important in restaurant product trends, delivery trends are also proving to be extremely difficult to manage given the increased convenience of using mobile devices to order and consume products on demand. With many restaurants opening each year, it is quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. There is no doubt that with the growth in technology, restaurants are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up.

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